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Raise money for Move For Jenn

Our Mission - To Help Sarcoma Amputees

The mission of the Move For Jenn Foundation is to offer grants to sarcoma researchers and those who have suffered the loss of a limb to sarcoma or other affiliated diseases. The foundation’s goal is to raise awareness through fundraising events, while also helping amputees afford or obtain an active-wear prosthetic, allowing them to regain strength and mobility faster, getting them back to the physical activities they enjoyed prior to amputation.

With your help, we can help fight sarcoma and give amputees an opportunity to keep MOVING! Every donation matters, even the smallest offering of support is greatly appreciated.


Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information

Taco Tuesdays

Raised: $4,170.88

Team Lincoln Financial Group

Raised: $3,949.20

Team Joanne

Raised: $3,086.00

Still Standing

Raised: $2,427.59

Choate Goats

Raised: $541.03

Dilworth Moves For Jenn

Raised: $493.38


Raised: $428.52

You Down With OPC

Raised: $405.31

Hedrick Gardner

Raised: $358.27

Movin' for Mimosas

Raised: $326.31

Rea View CARE Team

Raised: $250.14

You had me at Mimosa!

Raised: $197.67

Team Adel<3

Raised: $134.83

Lauren's Sarcoma Warriors

Raised: $129.50

Not very Fast or Furious

Raised: $125.03


Raised: $118.85

Anesthesia Rocks COURAGE

Raised: $109.06

The TANners

Raised: $82.44

Team Bri!

Raised: $77.11

Ballantyne Running Club

Raised: $54.96

Team Blush

Raised: $54.10

Rowan Runners

Raised: $54.10

The Johnsons

Raised: $54.10

Team Kick Ass

Raised: $52.48

LCI Sarcoma Slayers

Raised: $38.98


Raised: $27.48


Raised: $22.15

Pai CPA Warriors

Raised: $10.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Nov 18 Anonymous $27.48
Nov 05 Tate Carswell (Ivybrook academy) $54.10
Nov 04 Gary Green $267.10
Nov 04 Frederick Kelly $267.10
Nov 04 Scott Anderson $107.35
Nov 03 Megan Spahr Undisclosed amount
Nov 03 Katy Cook In honor of Michelle Sorbello as we do the virtual event in FL for her. $27.48
Nov 02 John Leto $107.35
Nov 02 Meg Derber Love ya! Such an inspiration and amazing human!! Undisclosed amount
Nov 02 Scott Edmondson $107.35